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Over 200 US hospital lab professionals participated in a survey developed to explore the top priorities, challenges, and concerns within the lab, as they relate to specimen errors and identification. Through this report, you can expect to learn how your peers answered, what it means, and how you can begin the dialog at your organization about ways to improve specimen identification.

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2018 Lab Specimen ID Report
Article Name
2018 Lab Specimen ID Report
Over 200 US hospital lab professionals participated in a survey about specimen errors, identification, and lab priorities. The purpose of the survey was to delve deeper into the pervasive problems within the lab, and report key concerns as they relate to specimen labeling errors throughout hospital facilities in the United States.
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Lisa Kim is a Product Manager at PDC where she currently manages multiple lines of specialty medical labels. She enjoys observing and learning from hospital clients firsthand about their workflow and needs so she can work with PDC’s team of engineers and scientists to develop solutions that deliver positive outcomes. As a chemist herself, Lisa built her portfolio of experience in both pharma/biotech and healthcare strategy consulting. She earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from UCSD, and an MBA from Rady School of Management. In her free time, she loves to golf, snowboard, and travel. She recently endured a 24 hour flight to Maldives. She says that traveling helps enrich one’s perspectives of culture and everyday life.


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