Four Ways to Improve Patient Identification in your Hospital to Drive Patient Safety

In a busy hospital setting, it is possible for staff to make patient identification errors. For instance, if two patients have similar names or illnesses, there is a risk of staff misidentifying a patient and pulling the wrong chart. These patient ID errors can lead to significant mistakes and inefficiency in healthcare settings. Patient misidentification can lead to errors in...

PA Department of Health Issues COVID-19 Protective Measures for Healthcare Workers: How Proper Visitor Management Fits In

protect healthcare workers
As hospitals continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re putting protective measures in place to protect staff and to prevent the further spread of the virus as they allow elective procedures. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Health produced an official order laying out specific requirements for hospitals. The order includes: notifying and testing staff who come in contact with COVID-19...

Visitor Restrictions Continue as Hospitals Resume Elective Procedures

During the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), hospitals restricted access to medical facilities to prevent potential exposure. Most didn’t allow any visitors or family members to enter with just a few exceptions. While some hospitals have begun to allow elective procedures, visitor policies have evolved with restrictions on varying levels still in place. With the ongoing need to prevent the spread of...

4 Ways Switching to a Thermal Patient Identification Solution Benefits Your Hospital

Scanband DR
Patient identification is a big issue in the healthcare industry, with up to 5% of patients (1 in 20) misidentified each year, according to the 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report. In large states with up to 10 million people, that’s half a million patients potentially getting the wrong treatment or paying the wrong amount for care. A thermal patient...

A Look at the COVID-19 Testing Process at a Pop Up Testing Site

Mobile ID
Secure, accurate testing is vital in the fight against COVID-19, so the way these drive-thru clinics are run is an important factor in containing the spread.

How US Hospitals Triage Patients in the Era of Coronavirus COVID-19

Mobile Patient Triage
In the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are struggling to keep up with changing protocols for screening patients. From the E.R. to outpatients, it’s critical to avoid exposing staff and visitors to the virus.  The Hospital Crisis It’s no secret that hospitals across America are challenged to respond to a pandemic of this size. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of beds...

6 Heartfelt Ways People are Showing Appreciation for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

Thank You Card
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to overwhelm daily lives, first responders, frontline healthcare staff, and essential services personnel are being recognized as the heroes they are. People across the globe are finding ways to spread encouragement and appreciation to those who go to work daily to battle COVID-19.   Here are some of the heartwarming reactions we’ve seen aimed at healthcare...

Blood Temp 10: The Easiest Blood Temperature Indicator

The Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 blood temperature indicator helps enhance your existing quality control process for blood transportation. Blood Temp 10 monitors the real-time temperature of the blood and clearly indicates when 10° C temperature has been breached. Watch the video to see an overview of Blood Temp 10.

4 Ways to Prepare for and Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Healthcare Facility

With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, the global medical community has been working hard to come up with protocols to contain it. The virus travels from person to person either by droplets of bodily fluids dispersed through the air or by touching infected surfaces and then the face in the same way as influenza...

Salem Hospital Reduces Use of Multiple Patient Wristbands for Better Patient Care

Ident-alert wraps and snaps
Multiple Wristbands, Multiple Problems Salem Hospital in Oregon is a Magnet® designated hospital, a recognition achieved by approximately 8% of all registered hospitals in the United States. This means a key focus for Salem Health nursing leaders is aligning strategic nursing goals to the organization’s patient outcomes and care. They enable organizational change from all levels and departments in the...