In a Jam at Check In

Fairmont Regional Medical Center is a 207 bed Joint Commission accredited hospital in Fairmont, West Virginia and the only hospital in West Virginia to be named a TOP PERFORMER in key quality measures 5 years in a row. Like many hospitals, Fairmont has a strong focus on patient care, comfort and safety despite a busy, sometimes hectic, atmosphere. 

Debbie Sailor is an IT Clinical Analyst at Fairmont, where she is hyper focused on creating efficiencies and solving problems to make work easier for caregivers, and care better for patients. 

“We would get 2-3 calls about the printer jamming in a month.”

Admissions and ER are typically the first point of contact with patients, and for Debbie and her team, this was where they struggled with intermittent jamming issues with their Zebra patient ID wristband printer. This would interrupt the patient admitting and identification process. They attributed the jamming issue to the cartridges which had to be replaced entirely to alleviate the problem. 

“We would get 2-3 calls about the printer jamming in a month,” Debbie said. “And typically we’d have to throw the whole cartridge of wristbands away, which is such a waste.”

It was time to make a change. 

A Simple Change, A Big Difference

Fairmont Regional Medical center converted their fleet of printers to the PDC CERTIS™ Desktop Direct Thermal Printer designed specifically for healthcare by the patient identification experts. (Learn more or request a demo of the PDC Healthcare printer solution.)

PDC’s Certis printer brings reliable performance to Fairmont and is validated by thousands of hours of testing to meet the high-volume use typical in hospitals. The PDC printers use rolls of wristbands versus cartridges, making them easier to work with while producing less waste. 

“We haven’t received any calls about printer jams since the change” Debbie said. “But even if we do, we would just take off that one wristband versus disposing the entire roll. So there’s cost and time savings there.”

And, the printers are easily installed with seamless EMR integration. 

Debbie Sailor, RN
Debbie Sailor, IT Clinical Analyst

“Making the change was pretty simple because there wasn’t any training we had to do with the end users when we implemented this,” Debbie added. “Our staff was able to continue on without even really knowing that we had made a change because it worked the way we expected it to.” 

With the high level of activity in a hospital, the PDC printer solution made life a little easier for the Fairmont staff, giving them one less thing to worry about as they focus on providing high quality patient care.

Learn more or request a demo of the PDC Healthcare printer solution.

In a Jam at Check In
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In a Jam at Check In
Switching out patient identification system removes printer jams, saving time and money for West Virginia hospital
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