Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Newborn Naming Convention Example

Joint Commission Issues New Requirement for Distinct Naming Conventions for Newborn Identification

It’s understood that misidentifying newborns can lead to very serious errors, such as, administering the wrong blood products or even sending the wrong infant to surgery. In...
Prevent preoperative medication errors

Perioperative Perspective: Labeling Errors Are the Most Common Type of Medication Error

Reducing the potential for adverse drug events has been a key initiative for U.S. healthcare facilities for several years, but what is the cause...
Improve Sterile Processing Workflow with 3 C's

Loaner and Vendor Problems: The 3 C’s that Can Improve your SPD

As the staff of most Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) can tell you, sterilization is getting complicated. As surgeries become more and more intricate and...

PDC Hosts 7th Annual Brady Walk for Community to Raise Money for Local Charities

PDC joined the other Brady Corporation locations around the U.S. for the Annual Brady Walk for Community event to benefit local charities. On May...
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