Driving Confidence and Compliance

Similar to Flu Shot Stickers, using COVID-19 Vaccine Stickers can help healthcare facilities promote employee vaccinations while also encouraging patients to get vaccinated. 

The CDC published a full COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit, which includes sticker templates, to help build confidence about the COVID-19 vaccination among healthcare teams and other staff. 

Covid Vaccine stickers

PDC developed specialty COVID-19 vaccination stickers to help organizations visually identify employees that have been vaccinated by applying the tamper-evident stickers to employee badges. These stickers are more secure than standard stickers and will show “void” if someone tries to transfer the sticker to a different badge or surface.

Alternative identification options, such as pre-printed silicone wristbands or pre-printed PVC cards, can also be used to visually identify vaccinated individuals.

Here are five benefits of using a visual display, such as a sticker, wristband or PVC card, after getting the vaccine. 

  1. Normalize Getting the Vaccine: Stickers can drive confidence in the vaccine’s safety, spreading the message of getting vaccinated and encouraging patients to get vaccinated as soon as they’re able to. 
  2. Provide a Sense of Safety: Patients in your facility will see the visual indicators that your staff has been vaccinated, making them feel safer and at ease.
  3. Identify and Recognize Personnel in Compliance: Stickers or wristbands worn by staff are an excellent way to help keep track of who has been vaccinated. They promote a sense of pride and responsibility in caring for one’s personal and community health.
  4. Improve Compliance Rates: Nearly 2-1/2 times more healthcare workers will get a flu vaccination if it’s simply recommended by their employer. This will likely be true of the COVID19 vaccine as well, even with its heightened demand and attention. Visual indicators help in communicating these vaccination recommendations and requirements. 
  5. Protect High-Risk Patients: Vaccination stickers can be placed on employees’ badges and seen from a distance to allow or deny access to high-risk areas, such as a COVID-19 treatment area within your hospital or clinic. This helps prevent the spread of COVID by keeping those who aren’t vaccinated away from COVID-19 exposure. 

Talk to a PDC representative today (800.435.4242) about custom label and wristband solutions, or check out the pre-printed COVID-19 vaccine stickers at PDChealthcare.com.

The Power of a COVID-19 Vaccine Sticker
Article Name
The Power of a COVID-19 Vaccine Sticker
Similar to Flu Shot Stickers, using COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Stickers can help healthcare facilities drive vaccine employee compliance while also encouraging patients to get vaccinated. Explore five benefits of using visual vaccine indicators.
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