When hospitals purchase healthcare identification products and supplies like patient wristbands and labels, many departments act independently, and may never know that they are all purchasing similar products from multiple vendors, increasing hidden spending.  This decentralized and inefficient process leads to increased costs, due to multiple vendors, additional freight charges, and an unnecessary amount of purchase orders.   Since many healthcare facilities overlook consolidating purchases for smaller items like wristbands and labels, millions of dollars a year of hidden expenses go largely unnoticed.

You Don’t Have to Tackle This Challenge Alone

The ValuePlus® Standardization Service is a complimentary service designed to help hospitals maximize savings and standardization, reduce hidden spending and wasteful labor and supply costs, and increase purchasing visibility and tracking.  With multiple departments ordering several varieties of similar products, your hospital is at risk for noncompliance with GPO contracts.  ValuePlus® optimizes the purchasing process and complies with GPO contracts, so that all departments streamline orders through the purchasing department, using a single-source supplier, resulting in significant savings and a multitude of benefits.

Product Standardization Leads to Bottom Line Benefits

Standardizing products and supplies with the help of ValuePlus® from PDC Healthcare will help your organization consolidate procurement across your entire supply chain.  For example, streamlining from 5 similar Allergy Alert Labels to a single label is just one benefit hospitals achieve with ValuePlus®.  A fewer amount of similar products lead to increased workflow efficiency and reduced expenses for processing, tracking, warehousing, and freight.

Increase Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency

Without product standardization, the risk of human error rises among clinicians.  Many healthcare organizations experience inconsistencies between departments and even facilities.  It’s not uncommon for a clinician to use one supplier’s label at one facility, and later use another supplier’s product for the same application at a different facility.  This can lead to valuable time and resources spent on training staff and correcting potentially dangerous errors.  By partnering with PDC Healthcare, hospitals can instead spend valuable time focusing on patient care and safety, providing peace of mind to patients and clinicians alike.

Contact us today at 800-435-4242 to learn how ValuePlus® can help you standardize product purchases to improve patient safety, efficiency, and cost containment. Check out our customer case studies about how it has helped other healthcare organizations like yours reduce hidden spending.

How to Prevent Hidden Spending From Sinking Your Budget
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How to Prevent Hidden Spending From Sinking Your Budget
ValuePlus is a complimentary service offered by PDC Healthcare, designed to reduce hidden costs, and help healthcare organizations maximize their product spend. See how ValuePlus can benefit your organization today.
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