As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to overwhelm daily lives, first responders, frontline healthcare staff, and essential services personnel are being recognized as the heroes they are. People across the globe are finding ways to spread encouragement and appreciation to those who go to work daily to battle COVID-19.  

Here are some of the heartwarming reactions we’ve seen aimed at healthcare workers over the past couple of weeks.

1. Being Serenaded From Home

During this period of self-isolation, residents of Europe’s largest cities have gathered at open windows or on balconies in Rome, Madrid, Paris, Athens, and Amsterdam. They sing, clap, and cheer in unison for the healthcare workers putting themselves at risk.

2. Getting Social Recognition

It’s hard for those at home to know what front line workers are going through. A hospital photographer at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, decided to remedy this recently. He began taking portraits that reflect what the healthcare professionals are going through as they show up to work in difficult circumstances, day after day. It gives people a glimpse into their everyday lives, and a chance to show their appreciation on social media.

3. Saying “Thank You Helpers”

At Tidelands Health in the Carolinas, administrators launched an initiative to help the community thank those making personal sacrifices to support the fight. People can download a “Thank you to the helpers” sign from Tidelands website to display in the windows of their homes, businesse,s and vehicles. In Huntsville, Alabama, people showed up in their cars at the local hospital to flash their lights and honk their horns as healthcare workers looked on.  The “Park and Pray” event attracted hundreds of people showing their appreciation for health professionals on the front lines.

4. Sending Love During a Pandemic

During February when Valentine’s Day is typically a celebration of love, a community group in Singapore volunteered to deliver “love letters” from people to front-line healthcare workers. The purpose of the notes was to bring encouragement to essential workers and to thank them for serving despite personal fear or exhaustion.

5. Teaching the Children Well

A New York nurse practitioner in women’s health launched a project to help parents teach their children about gratitude—while keeping them busy during this time of crisis. The children are encouraged to create thank-you cards, which the parents then photograph and send by email to the founder for distribution to healthcare workers.

6. Letting Flowers Do the Talking

A florist in Woodland, Oregon, donated over 6,000 bunches of tulips to healthcare workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The company also donated 550 bunches to families and staff of the local school district, for providing meals for students during the pandemic.

Thank you, from PDC

We want to take a moment to say thank you to our healthcare customers and all healthcare workers who are battling COVID-19 every day. While we’re all making sacrifices, we know you’re the ones on the front lines of this pandemic, making personal sacrifices and taking risks to your own health to save others. 

So from our entire team, thank you. If there’s anything we can do to support you, please let us know.

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6 Heartfelt Ways People are Showing Appreciation for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19
Discover how communities around the world are finding innovative ways to support and thank healthcare professionals during COVID-19.
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