Caregivers know that preserving patient safety is instrumental in every hospital. As we enter 2024, new challenges and events in the constantly changing world of healthcare mean that hospital staff must stay up to date with patient safety standards. To start off the new year, the Joint Commission has updated its National Patient Safety Goals®. The goals lay out fundamental tips and standards set for healthcare facilities to offer the best possible care and provide the safest environment for patients.  

Below we list some of the 2024 National Patient Safety Goals®, and how some simple solutions from PDC can help hospitals best align with them.

Identify Patients Correctly

It is highly recommended that caregivers use two patient identifiers, such as name and date of birth, to ensure each patient receives the correct medicine and treatment. This information can be crisply printed onto PDC’s Patient ID Wristbands to ensure proper identification and to ensure patients get the right care with a glance or with the simple scan of a barcode. The wristbands are designed to last a patient’s entire stay, ensuring the patient information on the band is legible and scannable the whole time.  

Improve Staff Communication

Communicate important alerts and medical information with just a quick glance with labels that have bold lettering and bright colors. These labels clearly communicate important instructions and information between caregivers and departments, all while saving time and eliminating human errors that could come from writing repetitive information. With a huge variety of stocked label options, PDC has every kind of label your facility could need, from change reminders and medication labels to expiration labels and allergy alerts.

Use Medicines Safely

All medication containers, including syringes, IV bags, medicine cups and basins, must always be properly labeled for accurate identification to avoid medication errors. Medicine should never be removed from a labeled container and moved into an unlabeled container. PDC thermal and laser printable medication labels can support safe medication management, with different formats and options available to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows and EMR systems. Pre-printed anesthesia labels and tapes can also make medication labeling easy and efficient.  

Prevent Infection

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, millions of people acquire an infection while receiving care, treatment, and services in a healthcare organization. Consequently, healthcare–associated infections (HAIs) are a patient safety issue affecting all types of healthcare organizations. 

While complying with CDC and/or WHO guidelines for proper hand hygiene and washing can help prevent infection, there are also other simple measures staff can take. PDC’s pre-printed IV Labels and TimeAlert® IV Indicators help prevent infection by clearly reminding staff when to change IV tubing while administering medicine to IV patients.    

Prevent Mistakes In Surgery

Healthcare providers and surgeons must make sure the correct surgery is done on the correct patient and at the correct place on the patient’s body. This starts with accurate and clear patient identification, properly tracking a patient from check-in to surgery, to recovery. During surgery, clear communication and proper labeling of supplies and medication can also help minimize errors. 

To help prevent medication administration errors, surgeons and anesthesiologists can consider Ident-Alert® IV Port Clips. These color-coded clips are designed specifically for IV injection ports to act as a last-step visual cue and reminder for medication warnings or allergies. They help prevent potentially lethal medication administration errors by alerting the anesthesiologist right at the site of the drug injection.

PDC shares in healthcare providers’ commitment to providing a safe and reliable patient care environment, providing healthcare professionals with high-quality identification solutions for over 65 years. With a vast portfolio and custom manufacturing capabilities, PDC is uniquely qualified to be a trusted supplier and partner.

View all of the National Patient Safety Goals® at the Joint Commission website. 

Source: The Joint Commission

Simple Ways to Align with the 2024 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
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Simple Ways to Align with the 2024 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals
The Joint Commission has updated its National Patient Safety Goals® for 2024. The goals lay out fundamental tips and standards set for healthcare facilities to offer patients the best possible care. Learn how some simple solutions from PDC can help hospitals best align with these goals and provide the safest possible environment for patients.
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