A common dilemma hospital security personnel face is that they want to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and visitors, but they also need to have robust security measures in place to keep their people safe.

Security and welcoming guests don’t need to be mutually exclusive, so we’ve put together a few tips to help solve this dilemma.

1. Set up your visitor management system as a resource for the guests, not a burden

Your visitor management system is supposed to keep out unwanted guests and keep track of who’s at your facility, but it can sometimes be intimidating to a guest or visitor. 

What your guests experience at your front desk or entryway will go a long way toward shaping their view of your facility. Do you want to appear serious and somber or helpful and friendly?

Ways to make your sign-in system a resource for your guests include:

  • Offering to guide them to the floor or wing where the loved one they’re visiting is located
  • Asking them if they have any questions about the facility while they’re signing in
  • Giving them a visitor badge that is representative of your brand, colorful, and easy to attach/use

Aim to have the sign-in experience feel more like a welcome. 

2. Train the staff who first interact with guests, and focus on customer service

One of the simplest ways to “soften” your sign-in procedures is to staff your front desk with friendly, warm personnel. When your guests sign-in, you want them to feel welcome and at ease. 

For the sake of security, it’s obviously still important that these associates be trained in how to use your sign-in or security system and how to quickly reach your security team in the case of an incident. De-escalation training can also be valuable as an additional resource. 

3. Streamline the process, eliminating unnecessary steps whenever possible

Try to make the check in process seamless and simple for the guests without compromising the security of your facility. 

Carefully consider the information you’re gathering from guests, and narrow it down to just the essentials that you really need. Gathering only the essential info you need from the guests will speed up the check in process and eliminate any uncomfortable questioning about how you’re using their information. 

Additionally, clearly communicate your visitor and safety protocols using pre-visit communications, signage, and software.

If you have questions about specific visitor management systems or would like to discuss issues unique to your site, reach out to a member of our team for a consultation.

The Hospital Dilemma: Balancing Security & A Welcoming Atmosphere
Article Name
The Hospital Dilemma: Balancing Security & A Welcoming Atmosphere
While you have to make sure your hospital facility’s visitor management policies keep your people safe, you want to make sure you’re also providing a welcoming atmosphere for guests.