A National Debate: To Arm or Not to Arm Hospital Security Officers?
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A National Debate: To Arm or Not to Arm Hospital Security Officers?
While many hospitals contend that arming security aids in eliminating violence, and helps patients, visitors, and staff feel secure; others argue that arming their officers would send the wrong message and makes the hospital setting feel unsafe. What’s your take?
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Sean Ross is Manager of Standardization Services at PDC Healthcare, where he leads the ValuePlus® Service Team. His team provides customers with a helpful cross-reference service using the company’s massive database to assist hospitals with consolidation and standardization solutions for their labels, wristbands, and medical imaging purchases. The service provides a deep analysis and clear path for customers to meet supply chain initiatives such as GPO compliance, cost reduction, and SKU standardization. Sean joined PDC in 2004, working in Operations, and has since managed a variety of teams including the quoting department. Sean graduated as a valedictorian from College of the Canyons with a degree in Graphic Design. In his free time, Sean enjoys coaching his son’s AYSO team and spending time with his family. He is also an avid oddity collector and a passionate football fan.


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