Valencia, CA (November 29, 2017) – PDC Healthcare, a global leader of innovative identification and patient safety solutions, announced today the launch of DuraProtect™, its newest line of laser patient identification wristbands.  The new line of laser printable wristbands combines a protective laminate shield and advanced synthetic material to deliver optimized print and barcode scanning performance, improved protection and reliability, and ease of use for hospital clinicians.

Other shield-style laser wristbands may contain paper in the construction that can absorb moisture and make the patient ID unreadable if the laminate shield is compromised. DuraProtect™ features an advanced synthetic material that is moisture-resistant, and durable, providing dual-layer protection of patient identification information.

DuraProtect™ provides cost savings for hospitals and is on most national group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts, helping hospitals and health systems increase contract compliance. Ninety percent of U.S. hospitals use one or more PDC Healthcare products, offering the opportunity for hospitals to standardize and consolidate product purchases to a single supplier for all identification wristbands and labels.

DuraProtect™ is available in multiple formats and convenient drop-in replacements, enabling hospitals to easily upgrade their patient ID wristband system with minimal IT support required. Engineered through intelligent design and material science, DuraProtect™ resists fading, rubbing, moisture, alcohol, and hand sanitizer, along with other common hospital solvents.

“Hospital clinicians approached PDC Healthcare seeking a laminated style wristband that performed better than their current solution,” said Owen Rooney, Patient ID Marketing Manager for PDC Healthcare.  “By investing in material science and intelligent design, we now have a superior laser wristband that minimizes patient ID errors and increases safety to meet hospitals’ needs.”

Made of a smooth comfortable material, DuraProtect™ features an adhesive closure that is tamper-evident and easy to apply. DuraProtect™ is compatible with leading laser printers, increasing convenience for hospital IT, clinicians, and admitting personnel. The laser-printable sheets are compatible with all laser printers. DuraProtect™ adult styles come in packs of 1000 sheets and the Mother/Father/Baby style comes in a pack of 500 sheets.

About PDC Healthcare

With over 60 years of experience, PDC Healthcare connects people, products, and technology worldwide through innovative identification systems for the safe and efficient management of patients and procedures. PDC Healthcare is the result of the merger between two industry leaders and pioneers in healthcare: Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) and The St. John Companies Inc.

PDC Healthcare is a global leader and pacesetter in the development of wristband, label, medical records, and imaging systems. An originator of innovative technologies, the company introduced the first single-piece patient wristband, first bar code wristband system, first thermal printer wristband, first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, and the award-winning PDC Smart® Kiosk, among many other innovations.

PDC Healthcare products are used by over 90% of U.S. hospitals and comprise a comprehensive range of solutions that provide positive ID and positive clinical outcomes, while meeting important guidelines of The Joint Commission, World Healthcare Organization, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA. Complying with ISO 9001 standards, PDC Healthcare follows a systematic, world-standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services. For more information, visit

On Dec. 28, 2012, PDC Healthcare was acquired by Brady Corporation, (NYSE:BRC) a world leader in identification solutions for premises, products, and people.



PDC Healthcare Launches New DuraProtect™ Laser Wristbands Engineered to Deliver Greater Durability at a Lower Cost
Article Name
PDC Healthcare Launches New DuraProtect™ Laser Wristbands Engineered to Deliver Greater Durability at a Lower Cost
PDC Healthcare launches DuraProtect™, its newest line of laser identification wristbands engineered to deliver greater durability at a lower cost. Its innovative materials protect patient identification information to provide positive patient identification and patient safety.
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