Children in hospitals often experience anxiety, fear, and discomfort during procedures and even routine checkups. This can lead to distress, resistance, and even safety risks. Traditional methods to manage these challenges can be invasive or have limited effectiveness. Time constraints can also limit the type of methods used to manage these challenges.

PDC is proud to introduce Pediatric Cards. They are small, badge-sized tools that can be used during procedures in pediatric settings. The cards have fun designs with hidden elements on the front featuring Gillie Guinea Pig, with easy prompts on the back for clinicians to use as they interact with children. Pediatric Cards are portable, easily sanitized, and are created with evidence-informed methods. These simple and engaging Pediatric Cards can significantly improve the pediatric healthcare experience.

Patient Benefits

1. Reduced Pain and Anxiety: Distraction shifts focus away from unpleasant sensations, leading to reported and objectively measured pain reduction.

2. Improved Cooperation: Engaged and distracted children are more likely to tolerate procedures, reducing the need for physical restraint and improving treatment effectiveness.

3. Enhanced Comfort and Safety: Calmer children are less likely to move unexpectedly, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during procedures.

4. Positive Emotional Experience: Playful tools create a more positive and welcoming environment, fostering trust and reducing fear of future visits.

Benefits for Staff

1. Increased Efficiency: Less resistance and smoother procedures lead to faster completion times and improved workflow.

2. Positive Work Environment: Witnessing happier and calmer patients can contribute to job satisfaction and reduced stress for healthcare professionals.

3. Stronger Patient-Provider Relationships: Distraction tools can facilitate positive interactions and build trust between staff and patients.

PDC shares in healthcare providers’ commitment to providing a safe and reliable patient care environment, providing healthcare professionals with high-quality identification solutions for over 65 years. With a vast portfolio and custom manufacturing capabilities, PDC is uniquely qualified to be a trusted supplier and partner. 


Cho MK, Choi MY. Effect of Distraction Intervention for Needle-Related Pain and Distress in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Aug 31;18(17):9159. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18179159. PMID: 34501749; PMCID: PMC8430753.

How PDC Created A Simple & Convenient Method of Distraction to Reduce Anxiety in Pediatric Patients 
Article Name
How PDC Created A Simple & Convenient Method of Distraction to Reduce Anxiety in Pediatric Patients 
PDC Pediatric Cards provide a simple and convenient method of distraction to reduce anxiety in young patients. These small, badge-sized cards help healthcare providers improve interactions with children by providing a simple and convenient way to entertain and distract them in potentially distressing situations.
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