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With 65 clinics in 10 states, Ideal Option is one of the nation’s largest outpatient providers of medication-assisted treatment for addiction to opioids, alcohol, methamphetamines, and other substances. Founded in 2012 by two emergency medicine physicians, Ideal Option’s mission is to provide underserved populations with low-barrier access to evidence-based addiction treatment – saving lives, healing families, and helping communities.


The Ideal Option clinic in Yakima, WA is located in an area with a large homeless population so management wanted the staff to feel safe. In lieu of hiring a security guard or installing a building security system, Ideal Option approached React Mobile to deploy a simple safety technology that would allow staff to quickly call for help without the need to install a traditional security system.

THE SOLUTION: React Mobile® Safety Solution

With experience implementing employee safety solutions in over 460 locations in the hospitality industry, React Mobile was able to provide Ideal Option with a solution to meet their staff safety needs.

React Mobile Bluetooth Beacons were discreetly installed throughout the facility to provide precise roomlevel location information to the system. Next, employees were equipped with the React Mobile Cellular LTE Panic Button, which they could activate in an emergency. Lastly, access to the browser based React Mobile Dispatch Center software access was provided to administrators to monitor the system. This console manages such things as the panic buttons and beacons’ battery life, displaying active alerts with location and tracking information, a log of retained events, and management of alert recipients.

The employee safety solution took one day for installation and training.

React Mobile Safety Solution


The Ideal Option staff in Yakima immediately had the ability to instantly call for help with a wearable panic button and reported an increased sense of safety. 100% Clinic Room Coverage.

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Ideal Option Clinic Installs React Mobile® Employee Safety Solution Case Study
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Ideal Option Clinic Installs React Mobile® Employee Safety Solution Case Study
One of the nation's largest outpatient providers of medication-assisted treatments for addition installed React Mobile to help protect their staff.
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