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A Guide to Understanding and Improving Healthcare Visitor Management

Healthcare visitor management has the difficult task of keeping unwanted visitors out of complex campuses, screening and identifying approved visitors, and monitoring and controlling visitor access within a facility. It has to strike the difficult balance between welcoming visitors in a positive manner and providing a safe and secure environment for staff, patients, and other visitors.

This is a challenge, but PDC, along with our sister brand, IDenticard is ready to help. PDC IDenticard has been a visitor management expert for over 60 years. Our visitor management software, systems, and solutions provide a convenient and customizable safeguard for your people and property, record who is on your premises, and provide a pleasant visitor experience for your guests.

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Here are 5 tips from our experts on how to improve visitor management in your healthcare facility. This comprehensive guide allows you to dive into the topics you find the most interesting, and as always, our identification experts are readily available for a consultation.

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Embrace COVID-19 Screening Practices

COVID-19 has forced some healthcare facilities to take a hard look at their visitor management policies and system. They’ve had to quickly implement pre-screening, pre-registration, and patient-specific visitor management policies. These pandemic visitor management best practices aren’t going anywhere, so embrace and learn from them. Here are 8 Features Your Visitor Management System Can’t Go Without.

Customize to Your Specific Needs

The key to creating a comprehensive hospital security program is to avoid the desire to find a “one size fits all” solution. Your hospital security system should include a focus on: ensuring only authorized personnel are on site, processing and identifying approved guests, and securing the sensitive rooms of your facility. These can also be bucketed as employee ID, visitor management, and access control. Learn more in The Three Most Vital Aspects to Hospital Security.

Emergency Room Visitor Management
Watch lists for visitor management in healthcare facilities

Use Watch Lists

Watch lists are essential to hospital security. Integrating watch lists into a visitor management system is an effective way to quickly identify unwanted intruders to flag them for your security team prior to entry. Watch lists include sex offender, former employee, and estranged family member lists. Learn more here.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

While you have to make sure your hospital facility’s visitor management policies keep your people safe, you want to make sure you’re also providing a welcoming atmosphere for guests. After all, these guests are an important stakeholder in the healthcare world. Learn more about The Hospital Dilemma: Balancing Security & A Welcoming Atmosphere.

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Visitors waiting in healthcare facility

Have Effective Communication

Make sure your visitor management policies are clearly communicated, including any recent changes. Provide as much information as you can in advance to help make your policy easy for visitors to comply with. Read more tips in 4 Ways to Improve a Hospital Visitor Program.

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